10 things that made my week #46

Art, blog, design
  1. This cloudy installation in the Palazzo Farnese, in Rome.
  2. This quote by Goethe on why no one is completely original. Via Austin Kleon.
  3. The Life-Changing Bikes of Guatemala.
  4. Studio Yonoh’s Perpetuum Calendar would look perfect on my desk!
  5. The Askew Notebook by Debbie Millman.
  6. This colorful installation by papercraft artists Zim & Zou.
  7. Scientists are planning a March on Washington.
  8. I have absolutely no need for a Carafe, but this one is nice!
  9. This photography series of colorful and unusual building facades by Zoe Wetherall.
  10. This Rainbow-hued light labyrinth, by Brut Deluxe, is beautiful!

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