10 things that made my week #18

Art, blog, design
  1. This Golden Girls themed cafe is opening in Manhattan.
  2. This camp stove by Primus looks perfect.
  3. I really want to go camping. These custom kitchens are pretty neat.
  4. This ‘Super 73’ electric bike looks like the ultimate urban exploring machine.
  5. The Hungarian firm, Hannabi, designed some beautifully minimalist furniture.
  6. I love old hardware, and this door alarm is genius.
  7. This Strandbeest bicycle is wild.
  8. Italian coffee + Scandinavian design = Collar. Take. My. Money.
  9. Because, Kites.
  10. Illustrator Marylou Faure’s work is giving me googly eyes.

10 things that made my week #17

Art, blog, design
  1. These interactive crystal installations.
  2. This desk is perfect for a small space.
  3. Erik Johansson’s surrealist photography is wild.
  4. When in doubt, redesign the soap, not the dish.
  5. These rainbow Heller mugs are on my wish-list.
  6. The ‘Today‘ clock will change the way view time.
  7. This next level canteen, turns into a pint glass.
  8. Adam J. Kurtz made this free printable door hanger, its on point.
  9. This poor fish.
  10. This giant wooden speaker made from reclaimed liquor barrels.

10 things that made my week #14

Art, blog, design
  1. These Gold Banana Lamps, by Studio Job.
  2. This Photographer’s Aerial shots of pools are gorgeous.
  3. How to be a ’90s Model.
  4. This rainbow mirrored glass installation by Liz West is perfect.
  5. Urban Confessional is like free therapy for city dwellers.
  6. Mary Oliver’s instructions for living a life.
  7. This disco ball helmet.
  8. These chicken plates.
  9. The cast of ‘Teen Witch‘ reunited for a selfie. TOP THAT!
  10. The Dallas Street Choir performed Miley Cyrus’ ‘The Climb’. EVERYONE is beautiful.

10 things that made my week #7

Art, blog, design
  1. This seriously made my morning brighter.
  2. These chopsticks solve my biggest issue with chopsticks.
  3. The Smithsonian’s annual Photo Contest just released the winning photographs.
  4. This Rokon Trail-Breaker dirt bike looks classic and fun.
  5. Ikea + Hydroponics = A chance I might be able to grow something. Added bonus, it looks nice!
  6. This Harvard library houses an enormous collection ofΒ rare pigments.
  7. How the makers of Super Mario Bros first designed the classic game.
  8. Great things happen when you let Architects design cat houses.
  9. By the end of 2016, Chicago will boast 24 100 year old moveable bridges.
  10. This website is all design facts, and is beautiful to boot.