10 things that made my week #29

Art, blog, design
  1. This ‘Tell Me Your Anxieties‘ Tumblr page, by Jag Nagra.
  2. For the Potter fans – Find your Patronus.
  3. This comic on ‘How To Be Perfectly Unhappy‘ made me smile.
  4. This deck of Know Yourself cards look interesting!
  5. Just some Desk Porn from Artifox to get you through the week.
  6. I’m not in the market for Tea Towels, but this one is nice!
  7. Who’s up for a Hamdog?!
  8. These colorful crosswalks in Madrid are fun!
  9. This group bought up ad -space in the London Tube and temporarily replaced the ads with Cat Photos!
  10. This abandoned casino in Romania got Glitter-Bombed, its beautiful!

10 things that made my week #24

Art, blog, design
  1. This Carbon Steel Airplane Mobile is just what my desk needs!
  2. Where was this Beach Blanket at the beginning of summer?
  3. I like this classic Diamond Kite.
  4. This Modular Bookshelf system is perfect! The designers have been live streaming their process too!
  5. This Pinterest page will make you very uncomfortable.
  6. If you’re watching Stranger Things, you’ll appreciate these fan posters!
  7. Detroit is getting bike-share!
  8. As if I needed another reason to love Instagram – STORIES!
  9. Austin Kleon’s Advice to Support An Artist You Love.
  10. And finally, this pug in a tracksuit!

10 things that made my week #22

Art, blog, design
  1. These miniature Tiny People installations in Dubai.
  2. These 10 cats who were famous before the internet!
  3. This Adam West era Lego Batcave is so cool!
  4. This installation gives the viewers a dreamlike break from city life in some beautiful courtyard spaces in France.
  5. Google’s new ‘Arts & Culture’ app is a treasure trove of inspiration!
  6. This Rainbow Sticky Pad needs to find it’s way to my desk!
  7. This GIF by James Curran perfectly depicts my aspirations for summer.
  8. This origami bird Perch Light, is so beautiful.
  9. I’m drooling over this mid century inspired Kitchen Island.
  10. ALL of the Rainbow colored foods!


10 things that made my week #17

Art, blog, design
  1. These interactive crystal installations.
  2. This desk is perfect for a small space.
  3. Erik Johansson’s surrealist photography is wild.
  4. When in doubt, redesign the soap, not the dish.
  5. These rainbow Heller mugs are on my wish-list.
  6. The ‘Today‘ clock will change the way view time.
  7. This next level canteen, turns into a pint glass.
  8. Adam J. Kurtz made this free printable door hanger, its on point.
  9. This poor fish.
  10. This giant wooden speaker made from reclaimed liquor barrels.

10 things that made my week #9

Art, blog, design
  1. This animation of a ‘Back to the Future’ hover board assembly line.
  2. This Bicycle Alphabet Typography is super nice to look at.
  3. This photographer’s haunting images of Soviet nuke sites are really beautiful.
  4. These portraits of bodies wrapped in flowers are gorgeous.
  5. These drone photos of Hong Kong covered in fog are wild.
  6. I’m just a little obsessed with this Instagram account right now.
  7. These Origami street art installations, by Mademoiselle Maurice, are pretty impressive.
  8. Ikea is set to launch a low-maintenance bicycle aimed at urban dwellers.
  9. This is a great article on ‘The Psychological Cost of Boring Buildings’.
  10. These Cat Bags are too much.