10 things that made my week #9

Art, blog, design
  1. This animation of a ‘Back to the Future’ hover board assembly line.
  2. This Bicycle Alphabet Typography is super nice to look at.
  3. This photographer’s haunting images of Soviet nuke sites are really beautiful.
  4. These portraits of bodies wrapped in flowers are gorgeous.
  5. These drone photos of Hong Kong covered in fog are wild.
  6. I’m just a little obsessed with this Instagram account right now.
  7. These Origami street art installations, by Mademoiselle Maurice, are pretty impressive.
  8. Ikea is set to launch a low-maintenance bicycle aimed at urban dwellers.
  9. This is a great article on ‘The Psychological Cost of Boring Buildings’.
  10. These Cat Bags are too much.

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