10 things that made my week #8

Art, blog, design
  1. This is a good read about the history of women in Cartography.
  2. This desk unfolds in ten seconds, and helps with your posture.
  3. Tattly temporary tattoos are already amazing, then they went and made this Philodenron Monstera tat.
  4. Two things that will forever go together: Artists + Motorcycles. This BMW is a work of art.
  5. The history of GM’s first all-female design team, The Damsels of Design. Should have had a better ending.
  6. This film showing the lost-wax technique of bronze casting. I miss my bronze casting days.
  7. This photographer put peacock feathers under a microscope, it’s pretty incredible.
  8. This is a nice quick read on designing happiness.
  9. This Italian church has been resurrected in wire mesh, and it’s stunning. Also, this church turned skatepark, in Spain, is beautiful.
  10. This artist mixes paint, oil, soap, and milk, then films it up-close. Zone out for a few minutes.

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