10 things that made my week #4

Art, design
  1. Fonzie’s 1949 Triumph Trophy 500 Motorcycle is for sale on Ebay.
  2. This ‘Where’s Warhol?’ book. For the Art History nerd in all of us.
  3. Speaking of Art History nerds, Michelangelo’s Tuscan Villa is for sale!
  4. Lissie just put out a new album ‘My Wild West’, and it’s great!
  5. This 1920’s Smith Motorwheel “Bicycle Booster”is pretty dope.
  6. The Art Institute of Chicago re-created Van Gogh’s bedroom and listed it on Airbnb.
  7. I really dig this Jaswig standing desk.
  8. 2015 was a record breaking year for the CTA.
  9. Im sort of in love with this lunchbox.
  10. And finally, some NYFW dog news I can support. These Instagram famous pups are doing some serious werk!

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