10 things that made my week #5

Art, design
  1. This 1970’s condo is too great, I hope someone saves all the wallpaper!
  2. Start the discussion of mental health early with this Vincent Van Gogh doll, complete with detachable ear!
  3. Exercise wins when battling depression!
  4. This new mural in Glasgow is pretty wild.
  5. This instagrammer captures some beautifully elaborate interior shots of mosques in Iran.
  6. This is a nice article about Chicago’s thriving Chinatown.
  7. These Star Wars watches by Nixon are on point.
  8. This children’s book by Dallas Clayton ‘An Awesome Book’, also a great talk by Dallas sponsored by Creative Mornings Chicago on Kid Lessons.
  9. This Google Chrome extension reminds you to do your f**king work.
  10. These baby elephants that want to be lap dogs are too much!

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