10 things that made my week #11

Art, blog, design
  1. These 22 facts about Glamour Shots are fascinating.
  2. This inflatable “Bubble Hotel”, in Iceland, is perfect for stargazing.
  3. How to get over common creative fears, maybe… By Adamjk.
  4. This is Ikea’s first collaboration with a Fashion Designer, its so good.
  5. This animation answers Why Cats Act So Damn Weird.
  6. Celebrate Prince’s legacy with all of his album artwork in one place.
  7. I know this is old, but I’ve been on a Sia kick this week.
  8. This Nate Berkus gold stapler is everything.
  9. If I wanted a car, this 1974 Ford Escort, would be a strong contender.
  10. I really want a Pug.

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