10 things that made my week #16

Art, blog, design
  1. Not your Mama’s Cuckoo Clocks.
  2. This letter to a few high school student’s, from Kurt Vonnegut.
  3. Izaac Enciso’s Conceptual Street Photography.

  4. This modular shelving system is beautiful.
  5. I want this Leafy Rainbow Bowl.
  6. Ryann Ford created a beautiful book of old Rest Stops.
  7. This Beautifully Illustrated Book Shows Kids A Sustainable Urban Future.

  8. This article is a great reminder to shake things off.
  9. Google built this giant display with arcade buttons.
  10. This Dog Meme video.

2 thoughts on “10 things that made my week #16

  1. I feel like your 10 links sum up all the cool, trendy things I might be missing. Thank you for keeping me in touch with life!


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