10 things that made my week #30

Art, blog, design
  1. This photographers series of smokey Burnouts are beautiful!
  2. This Fried Shrimp sleepingbag made me laugh!
  3. Send your friends a simple High-Five.
  4. These infrared photographs of the Dolomites in Italy are gorgeous!
  5. This Wall Cabinet by Filipino Janssens is just my style. 
  6. This Drip Coffeemaker is nice!
  7. These 101 small ways you can improve your city. 
  8. This episode of This American Life – ‘One Last Thing Before I Go’, is sad, but beautiful. 
  9. This Pumkin Spice Latte rap. “Put your Uggs on betch, let’s do this.”
  10. The We Love You Project

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