10 things that made my week #89

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  1. These colorful portraits of adoptable dogs stole my heart! ♥
  2. Nancy Spector of the Guggenheim won the hearts of art lovers this week! ♥
  3. This song by Charles Bradley ‘Strictly Reserved For You‘ is giving me all the feels! ♥ (via Swissmiss)
  4. This home in Shanghai is stunning! ♥
  5. A Rainbow neon sign, just because. ♥
  6. The Kalk electric bike! ♥
  7. Nood Lamp! ♥
  8. The Lesser-told Stories of the Women Who Shaped Herman Miller! ♥
  9. What if Chewbacca sounded like Pee-wee Herman? ♥
  10. Inside One of America’s Last Pencil Factories! ♥

2 thoughts on “10 things that made my week #89

  1. Finally clicked on your blog link from a Like you gave my blog page. I love the idea of keeping track of 10 things that make your week. I’m sure I could spend hours and hours and hours clicking on all the links in your lists. Nice going, Alan!

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