10 things that made my week #21

Art, blog, design
  1. These hand lettered found objects.
  2. This Italian Kindergarten got some new Okuda San Miguel murals.
  3. This list of Ten Virtues For The Modern Age.
  4. These colorful city images by Ben Thomas are beautiful.
  5. This animated short is completely bananas.
  6. This new sidewalk installation relies on your shadow and dance moves to create some beautiful music. 
  7. This Artist took some pretty incredible aerial shonts of tulip fields
  8. This Japanese politician is stepping up his campaign with a cat
  9. This whale shot a rainbow out of it’s blowhole. 
  10. This Tortilla Towel is hilarious. 

10 things that made my week #20

Art, blog, design
  1. This list of 10 ways the bicycle moved us forward.
  2. I’m so excited for this Dieter Rams documentary.
  3. This printer changes everything.
  4. This installation in Rome is exploring the passing of time.
  5. This Artist made a series of deconstructed sandwiches.
  6. This ingenious car from 1923 turned into a boat.
  7. This installation by Megan Geckler, is an immersive, vibrant rainbow cube.
  8. These horribly perfect Heavy Metal Album Covers.
  9. This Modular Shelving System, Wallace, looks amazing.
  10. These Pink Portraits of celebrities and Characters are too fabulously perfect.

10 things that made my week #19

Art, blog, design
  1. I tested the BuzziBalance line out at Neocon, so fun. 
  2. More great wisdom on ‘How to be yourself’, by Adamjk.
  3. This book, ‘Food History’ by the Graphic Design firm Papila, is beautiful.
  4. These Pasta Portraits are impressive and hilarious.
  5. This J-Pop cover of the ‘Ghostbusters’ theme made me LOL.
  6. Austin Kleon wrote a nice post about Calvin Tompkins, Duchamp: A Biography.
  7. For the car-free folks, this foldable Kayak has be drooling.
  8. This post about creativity and finding your community.
  9. This Lithuanian Goat Pageant melted my heart and made me laugh.
  10. These Technicolor Rainbow Tape Floor Installations are mesmerizing.

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