10 things that made my week #25

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  1. This quote about creativity is exactly what I needed to hear this week.
  2. I made this Stranger Things inspired message for you! Also, this Font Generator!
  3. Someone finally figured out WHO Carmen Sandiego WAS!
  4. This footage of Vietnam from the skies is pretty incredible.
  5. There was a Cat Fashion Show in New York!
  6. This People-Pleaser’s Guide to Pleasing People.
  7. What to say about someone’s art when you have nothing nice to say.
  8. The Legendary Design Of Eero Aarnio.
  9. Gary Vaynerchuk’s 5-minute Plea to DO. (He has a potty mouth.)
  10. These Porcelain Vessels Pummeled in Unfortunate Accidents by Laurent Craste.


10 things that made my week #15

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  1. Don’t wait.
  2. These colorful illustrations by Andrew Bannecker
  3. This salt labyrinth in a French castle is mesmerizing.
  4. This Mexico City based graphic designer, Paul Fuentes makes some beautiful work.
  5. This Base Camp trailer is making me want to camp.
  6. This guy built a flame-throwing guitar.
  7. I’ll always geek out for a cool tractor.
  8. Can you guess all of these pixelated pop culture characters?
  9. This furniture folds flat and doubles as wall art.
  10. This pizza pad.

10 things that made my week #3

  1. This letter of recommendation of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Tusk’ Album.
  2. These living concepts for Urban Nomad.
  3. This Vice video about Halstead St., in Chicago.
  4. This potter’s crazy beautiful hand gestures required for turning clay.
  5. This new light installation is coming along under the ‘L’ tracks.
  6. I feel an impulse buy coming…This pour over set is perfect.
  7. Lionel Richie launched a tableware Line
  8. This could definitely improve a cab ride.
  9. Road trip anyone? Columbus, Indiana of all places.
  10. This Picnic Boat looks pretty fun.

10 things that made my week #2

  1. This motorcycle had me drooling.
  2. This life-sized caravan made entirely of Legos.
  3. This Manifesto of a Do-er.
  4. A new Pee Wee movie? Yes, please!
  5. This new sculpture in Chicago’s Grant Park.
  6. Ikea getting in on the adult coloring book game.
  7. REI is selling a foldable kayak.
  8. This St.Lucia music video isn’t BRAND new, but it’s getting a fair share of plays.
  9. Creative Mornings started a weekly Newsletter. (The new Podcast is great too!)
  10. And finally, this 3-lb, high-fiving therapy dog – Norbert.

10 things that made my week #1

  1. This Spotify playlist ‘Rap Caviar’.
  2. Alanis Morissette
  3. This little Vader harnessing the force.
  4. My best friend getting on the vintage blog  train.
  5. This article on Artistic evolution.
  6. This video of  David Bowie singing ‘Starman’.
  7. This poor koala that gets kicked out of a tree.
  8. Timbuk 2’s new ‘Command’ Backpack.
  9. This London based lighting design studio.
  10. I’m excited to start this book my Aunt recommended.

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For those of you in Chicago!


This weekend Echoes of Chicago will be hosting their annual ‘Happy Birthday Chicago’ event at Block 37, downtown. Please come and support this great organization and the great line-up of Artists and Performers!  Also, yours truly has a new painting displayed in the show! Echoes of Chicago throws these great events to raise funds for area non-profits doing wonderful things all over Chicago!

Hope to see you all there!